Friday, November 26, 2010

Big Meeting

Monday (29 November) is the start of the the global meeting on climate change at Cancun, Mexico. It is the follow-up to last year's meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is probably the second biggest environmental event this year (after the convention on biological diversity meeting).

Of course, there were a lot of talk about it this last week. Some examples:

5 Gigatonnes - the gap between climate science and current climate cuts after Copenhagen?

Q&A: What Can Climate Negotiations Achieve in CancĂșn?

From Copenhagen to Cancun: Forests and REDD+

After the disaster last year, I have very little hope for anything meaningful from this meeting.

Update: By the way I am not the only one thinking this

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Coral Bleaching

This article is entitled Global Coral Bleaching Among the Worst Ever Seen"

Coral bleaching is when the coral loses its color. That color is due to algae which live on the coral. They provide energy to the coral through photosynthesis. They are said to be in symbiosis with the coral.

Coral bleaching is linked to global warming, specifically to ocean temperature. Increased ocean acidification due to higher concentrations of carbon dioxide in the oceans may also be contributing to the problem.

Perchlorate contamination

This article talks about a city whose water supply was contaminated with perchlorates. Perchlorate are often used in explosives and rockets as an oxidizer. In this case they came from a military facility.

I think I know what will happen next. The Marines will first say there is no danger. Then they will use the defense of "national security" to protect themselves. I wrote about the national security argument here.