Sunday, June 12, 2011

Depleted Uranium

One not often mentioned result of war is the environmental damage. And one of these environmental dangers is from depleted uranium (DU). A recent report from NGO's in Iraq discusses "what appear to be widespread, and often lethal, health effects from war contaminants in Iraq, namely Depleted Uranium (DU)"

Natural Uranium is composed of two isotopes U-235 and U-238. But only U-235 is used in nuclear reactors. After U-235 is removed, the remainder is called Depleted Uranium. This is used to make armor-piercing shells because Uranium is very dense. But uranium is an alpha radiation emitter, which means it is toxic if ingested or inhaled. Hence the concern over its use.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

"Green"? Companies

Today companies often try to fly their "green" colors. However, often what we get is called greenwashing, calling yourself green when your not. A perfect example of this is the recent article in Triple Pundit 43 “Green” Companies Called out for Anti-Environmental Stance

In this case companies which promote themselves as green, but are supporting an organization which is trying to stop the US environmental regulators from regulating greenhouse gases.

Moral: Do not believe everything that companies say.

Update: For an even more disturbing example of greenwashing see the article chevron advocate posing journalist caught sending phony email.