Thursday, December 29, 2011

Recent news

Having been busy this last week (and having no internet connection for a few days), I just went through my RSS feed and here are few interesting stories.

Advertising can be bad for environment according to a new report. The article's point is that advertising has a effect on the way we behave -- making us more individualistic and less concerned about society and the environment.

Much has been written (including by me) on carbon in the atmosphere and global warming, but less attention has been to "blue carbon", that is carbon in the oceans. Some are now saying that blue carbon should be on the agenda of the Rio+20 summit to be held next year. Especially important is getting more scientific data on the topic.

The Internation Rice Research Institute in the Philippines is now recommending stricter controls on use of pesticides in Asia. Improper use of pesticides can ironically lead to increased disease due to formation of resistances.

Guess what? We have another oil spill by Shell company in Nigeria, this one the largest for 13 years. See some of my other blogs about earlier problems in Nigeria.

Finally, the world has a new island. See the link for pictures and explaination.

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