Friday, March 16, 2012

New stuff

A few things caught my attention this last week. First is the start of the World Water Forum, held every three years, in Marseille, France. These are always interesting to follow.

Secondly, a report on the BBC about Indonesia finding scrap metal exported from the UK contaminated with liquid and illegal mixed wastes. Shipping of wastes to developing countries, many of which have poor environmental and safety laws, is a serious problem.

Lastly, I always mention in my environment classes the possibility of island states disappearing due to sea level rise caused by global warming. The student's eye always seem to "Oh yeah". Well, just yesterday the was an article on Reliefweb entitled Migration not a matter of choice but survival, says Kiribati President. Kiribati is in negotations with Fiji for 6000 acres of land. It shows how serious the issue of global warming is to Pacific states.

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