Monday, November 14, 2011

Incoming students and CVF

Hello, to entering Environmental Science students. I hope you have found your way to this miniblog. Also check out the Johnsearth blog and my Environmental Science website.

The big thing just around the corner is the Durban climate change conference, known as COP-17 (for the 17th Conference of Parties). Where a replacement for the Kyoto Protocol will be discussed (Kyoto runs out in Dec. 2012). This was also discussed at COP-15 in Copenhagen and COP-16 in Cancun, Mexico. However, all signs point to a disappointing meeting, but we will see.

Just finished was a meeting of 14 countries called the Climate Vulnerable Forum hosted by Bangladesh. These countries are among the most under threat from climate change. They issued the Dhaka Declaration, information on can be found here.

Groups such as CVF and the small island states are demanding action, but the major industralized (lead by the US) are dragging their feet.